Month: April 2019

  • Installing php54 broke roundcube. How I fixed it

    One of the things I run (I think it was WordPress) was griping at me to update PHP to at least version 5.4.  But I was on CentOS 6, which stops at 5.3 by default.  But hey – there is a php54 package in the EPEL repo, so I installed it.  All good! Except it […]

  • PostfixAdmin – post-scripts will not run

    Running PostfixAdmin 2.92 on a box with dozens of domains. An admin tried to delete mailboxes and got the error: Problems running mailbox postdeletion script!   How I fixed it To run scripts after deleting a mailbox from the database, PFA runs the script /usr/local/bin/ Since PFA is running as apache and the script needs […]