Installing php54 broke roundcube. How I fixed it

One of the things I run (I think it was WordPress) was griping at me to update PHP to at least version 5.4.  But I was on CentOS 6, which stops at 5.3 by default.  But hey – there is a php54 package in the EPEL repo, so I installed it.  All good!

Except it wasn’t all good.  Now my roundcube installation was borked.

I’ll spare you the finer parts of me tale of woe and give you the 4 things I did to fix it.

  • Updated roundcube.
    New version, supports newer stuff, etc.
  • Installed the remi repo
    This repo has a reputation for providing packages for PHP 5.4 that you might otherwise not find or might have to compile by hand.
    yum localinstall remi-release-6.rpm
  • Installed php54-php-mcrypt from the remi repo
  • Added date.timzeone to /opt/rh/php54/root/etc/php.ini

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