• Replacing rear seals on a 1949 Ford 8N

    Fair warning – this is not a bit-head post, but a gear-head post.  I like to do what maintenance I can on my vehicles, which doesn’t amount to a whole lot.  But it provides good challenges for me and keeps some costs down. My tractor is a 1949 Ford 8N (I originally posted that it […]

  • How I set up a docker private registry with a web front-end

    I wanted to set up a docker registry at home for images I build but which I do not want to be publicly available.  Running the default docker registry container was one solution.  But soon I found myself wishing there were a good front-end for it. A quick search of both Docker Hub and the […]

  • Updating PHP broke roundcube again; how I fixed it again

    A while after I upgraded my server to CentOS 7, WordPress started griping about needing newer PHP in order to install the latest PHP. I knew this caused problems with roundcube in my CentOS installation, so I was ready for it to happen again.  Good thing, too.  To update PHP, I installed the remi repos […]

  • Installing php54 broke roundcube. How I fixed it

    One of the things I run (I think it was WordPress) was griping at me to update PHP to at least version 5.4.  But I was on CentOS 6, which stops at 5.3 by default.  But hey – there is a php54 package in the EPEL repo, so I installed it.  All good! Except it […]

  • PostfixAdmin – post-scripts will not run

    Running PostfixAdmin 2.92 on a box with dozens of domains. An admin tried to delete mailboxes and got the error: Problems running mailbox postdeletion script!   How I fixed it To run scripts after deleting a mailbox from the database, PFA runs the script /usr/local/bin/postfixadmin-mailbox-postdeletion.sh. Since PFA is running as apache and the script needs […]

  • Login via SSH is slow

    Most of us have, at some time, experienced slow logins when connecting to a server via ssh. If you poke around you’ll discover that there are plenty of recommendations for addressing the issue. For most people the solutions fix their problem. And then there’s the sneaky one that made me say, “Oh, of course.” 1. […]

  • An old wiki post detailing a compromised machine from 2006

    Details of my post-mortem on a mail/web server that was compromised back in 2006. Here

  • Getting systemd services to wait for networking in Raspbian

    For isc-dhcp-server: I tried several things which did not work.  I concluded that this is primarily because isc-dhcp-server doesn’t use a true systemd script.  So I edited the sysV startup script (/etc/init.d/isc-dhcp-server) and inserted a loop that waits until the non-loopback IP is up.  The loop times out after 10 seconds.  At the beginning of […]

  • When packer seems to hang while uploading to vCenter

    In my case, the vCenter was “asking” if I wanted to accept the self-signed certs.  Packer doesn’t really pass that on to you.  Add these options to the “post-processors” section: “options”: [ “–acceptAllEulas”, “–disableVerification”, “–noSSLVerify” ],  

  • Set an IP address with one line in RHEL7/CentOS7

    Use this line: # nmcli con mod ens160 ipv4.method static ipv4.addresses ${IPADDR} ipv4.gateway ${GATEWAY} ipv4.dns ${DNS_SERVERS} The DNS servers (if more than one) should be in quotes and comma-separated (i.e. “,”)  

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