Author: rbc

Login via SSH is slow

Most of us have, at some time, experienced slow logins when connecting to a server via ssh. If you poke around you’ll discover that there are plenty of recommendations for addressing the issue. For...

When packer seems to hang while uploading to vCenter

In my case, the vCenter was “asking” if I wanted to accept the self-signed certs.  Packer doesn’t really pass that on to you.  Add these options to the “post-processors” section: “options”: [ “–acceptAllEulas”, “–disableVerification”,...

Set an IP address with one line in RHEL7/CentOS7

Use this line: # nmcli con mod ens160 ipv4.method static ipv4.addresses ${IPADDR} ipv4.gateway ${GATEWAY} ipv4.dns ${DNS_SERVERS} The DNS servers (if more than one) should be in quotes and comma-separated (i.e. “,”)